Junior Showmanship Award


A Junior Handler, showing a Wheaten, who has defeated the most other Junior Handlers as a result of class placements, first through fourth, or winning Best Junior Handler at AKC shows in a calendar year. One point is given for each dog defeated; for example, if a Junior Handler places third, s/he receives points for the number of Junior Handlers in that class minus three. For Best Junior Handler, the handler receives points for the total number of Juniors entered minus one. Qualifying placements are verified through American Kennel Club Awards.

The Junior Handler must be a SCWTCA member, co-own the Wheaten exhibited with a SCWTCA member, or be a relative of a SCWTCA member. For purposes of the award, relatives include: parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, legal guardians, step, adoptive, and half relations.

Year Name
1980 Tonya Baldwin
1981 Jennifer Berglass
1982 Rebecca Nelson
1983 Rebecca Nelson
1984 Shari Boyd
1985 Shari Boyd
1986 Shari Boyd
1987 Shari Boyd
1988 Shari Boyd
1989 Cindy Woythal
1990 Teri Meyer
1991 Candy Prokop
1994 Ben Etzen
1995 Sonya Ayers
1998 Stephanie Robeski
1999 Emily Bendelewski
2000 Mileah Wilson
2001 Mileah Wilson
2002 Emily Edwards
2003 Dylan Kipp
2004 Mary Payton Noah
2005 Mary Payton Noah
2006 Mary Payton Noah
2007 Juliana McKamey
2008 Catherine Pikul
2009 Juliana McKamey
2010 Juliana McKamey
2011 Abby Kochan
2012 Abby Kochan
2013 Brittany Phelps
2014 Brittany Phelps
2015 Salena McCloud
2016 Riley Capton
2017 Riley Capton
2018 Royal Miller
2019 Royal Miller
2020 Royal Miller
2021 Royal Miller
2022 Royal Miller
2023 Jorja Clark & Christian Rose