Health Testing

Every dog needs an annual veterinary checkup. Wheaten researchers recommend owners take their Wheaten to the vet for annual health testing even if the dog is happy, exuberant, and shows no signs of illness. All dogs hide pain associated with disease and instinctually hide pain from their owners. Many illnesses don’t present symptoms until they are quite advanced.

Early diagnosis and treatment can prolong your dog’s quality of life and even the length of life in many cases.

Annual Testing Protocols

Blood and urine testing that should be done starting at age 1 and from then either Annually or multiple times a year based on the dogs PLN Variant Gene Test results.

DNA Testing

This test tells you the relative risk your dog has to develop PLN.  It does not tell you if your dog has or will get PLN, simply if he is at higher or lower risk for developing the disease.

Texas A & M Gastrointestinal Panel

This may be recommended if PLE, IBD, pancreatitis, food allergies or other gastro-intestinal issues are suspected.

Necropsy Protocol

End of life planning for your Wheaten

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