Register of Merit (ROM)

Approved 04/2004, 2013

Register of Merit – Awarded to Top Producing Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers:

Sires must produce fifteen (15) champions of record. Dams must produce eight (8) champions of record. Effective for ROMs granted after the October 2013

Annual Meeting and thereafter: To obtain a Register of Merit, members must submit a Progeny Report of champion dogs from the SCWT database or an AKC report prior to June 1st to the Awards Chairperson.

Owner or co-owner of the dog or bitch must be a member of SCWTCA.

Awarded to Dog/Bitch: Certificate for Presentation to the SCWTCA member who owns or co-owns the dog/bitch.

Awards Chair posts a reminder to the membership that the report is due by June 1st  for consideration that year.

Once ROM is confirmed, emails award recipient with confirmation.

By clicking on the dog’s name, you will be directed to its page on the SCWT Health and Pedigree Database. This Database is a separate website.