Grooming Basics

You thought we were kidding when we said this was a high maintenance breed that required a lot of grooming, didn’t you? And maybe you’ve been surprised that the professional grooming you got didn’t come out quite like you expected.

Grooming is important to keep your dog neat and clean between baths. Beyond that, a matted dog is uncomfortable. Those tight mats pull on the skin as he moves. Being a dog, he tries to get them out with the only tools he has, his teeth and his nails, and sometimes winds up breaking his skin in the process. Regular grooming is also an indirect way to establish some control over your Wheaten.

Finally, daily brushing and combing means not only that your Wheaten will be mat-free but that grooming will become a pleasure for him. Think how nice it feels for you at the salon…or how much you’d hate it if your stylist constantly pulled your hair. This training will pay off. If you take him to a groomer for a bath or a trim, it will be easier for him and the groomer — and maybe easier on your pocketbook.

Your first source for help should be the breeder of your puppy. But if you didn’t get your Wheaten from a breeder, we can help you with some common grooming issues. For even more help with Wheaten care, consider ordering the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Owners Manual and Grooming Chart.

The Right Tools for the Job

The right combs, brushes and other equipment make your grooming tasks easier.

Grooming … Stay Still, I Said!

Training your Wheaten to behave while you’re grooming him makes it go more quickly. Your groomer will thank you.

Brushing & Combing

Seems easy, right? But now you’re finding it’s more frustrating than you’d expected. Discover the right way and make it easier for both you and your Wheaten.

Those Other Tasks

Grooming involves more than just brushing and combing. Learn how to do nails and ears to keep your dog in good condition.

Trimming the Fall

Discover how to handle one of the trickier problems when trimming a Wheaten — how to see more eye without losing the distinctive Wheaten look.

Pet Trimming

Are you doing it yourself or have a groomer you think needs some help? Our guidelines might help.

SCWTCA Grooming Guide

If you would like your Wheaten to look more like a showdog, take a look at our guide:
SCWTCA Grooming Guide – Modified Show Trim (2007)

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