Webinars for Wheatens

SCWTCA introduced an educational series of webinars in 2021. The objective is to sponsor a monthly talk on topics ranging from health to structure, grooming, and training.

  • Details of each webinar will be published 10 days before the event on scwtca.org
  • The webinars are open to anyone, with membership in SCWTCA not required.
  • Following the event, links to recordings will be provided together with access to any collateral used.

Series Premier – Coat Color Genetics in Wheatens

The first in the series was held 2/16/2021 on Coat Color Genetics in Wheatens, presented by longtime Wheaten breeder and noted Geneticist Dr. Neil O’Sullivan. Neil joined the SCWTCA Board in January 2021, and brought the concept of a webinar series to reality in a matter of weeks. Announced with just a few days notice, nearly 80 people joined us live for the airing of this highly engaging talk with Neil.

Questions?  Feedback?

If you have feedback, questions, or suggestions for our webinars, contact Neil O’Sullivan at webinar@scwtca.org,

Dawning of the age of DNA testing … where to test, what does it mean, and
adding the information to the SCWT database

Presenter: Dr. Neil O’Sullivan, noted Geneticist and longtime Wheaten breeder

Presenter: Anna Marzolino, Chair of the SCWTCA Endowment, Inc.

Updated 04/20/2021