Silent Auction

The SCWTCA Silent Auction is back!
Wheatens Items Are Needed
Artists and Craftsman Wanted

Imagine winning these or other fabulous items! Here are just a few teasers for our Silent Auction at the Boutique on Friday October 6, 2023 at the Green Pond Country Club. SCWTCA’s Silent Auctions have always been very popular. We are asking Wheaten owners if they have a nice Wheaten item that they would like to donate back to the Club for the silent auction. You know those special Wheaten treasures that are packed away?  Maybe an item on a bookshelf that you would consider parting with. Many of our newer members have never seen these items and would love to have them.
Maybe you or your significant other is an artist or craftsman and you would like to donate an item that one of you created for our auction? Please contact Liz Jamiolkowski at and let her know if you have item for the SCWTCA Silent Auction.

So far we have these lovely items donated:

Michelle Toland Wheaten sculptures created especially for SCWTCA
Jody Sylvester original artwork donated by Emily Holden
Robyn Alexander original Wheaten Jewelry
Emily Holden a Silver Welcome Wheaten sign
Lori Owen Fernandez original painted bucket with a Wheaten
Lynn Cone an original Darci Olson painting
Art Miller and Susan Ratliffe a Wheaten Weather Vane
Merrilee Ford original painted bucket with a Wheaten
Yourich family original wood piece created by Mark Yourich
Betty Chapman beautiful Wheaten pins and necklaces
Marianne Berkley painted a beautiful autumn Wheaten felt painting
Pam Mandeville two beautiful stained glass pieces 6 inch and 8 inch square
Judy Appelbaum a beautiful Wheaten necklace created by her.
Lynn Cone a 29 inch tall Wheaten Doll named Michael Brendan – numbered.
David Poynter two wheaten Celtic Knot Pins, limited series and each numbered.
San Jeffries crocheted a beautiful Wheaten Terrier in a Hot Air Balloon.
John and Karen Garner created a beautiful Wheaten Terrier charcuterie board, signed and dated
Mary and Mark Yourich – created by Mark Yourich a walnut Bread  Box with maple Wheaten inlay 17″ wide   11-3/4 deep    11″ tall
Joan Picone signed charming book It’s A Dog’s Life and Other Tails
Rose Lawrie a Wheaten scarf, a Wheaten table runner, a wheaten necklace, a necklace, Robyn Alexander coaster set, two Wheaten platters and a Wheaten signed doll.
Bobbi Salmon a Wheaten treasure box
Helen Fraguela a Ric Chashoudian statues, The Complete Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Book by Pan Vesley, a stained glass wheaten,
Helen Moreland – a treasure of Wheaten stamps, two Wendell August trays
Chris and Margaret Locke – A Wheaten needlepoint pillow, The anniversary afghan, Pan Vesley Book, Wheaten Print, Wheaten Fall print, A wheaten print, a beautiful Wheaten purse
Sherrie Kase McKenzie – Two Dana Loring Wheaten Dolls

More to come…… with photos…

Updated 05/13/2024