Surrender Your Wheaten


As of 11/22/20, all SCWTCA Rescue operations are suspended due to Covid restrictions. We have to take into consideration the safety of our workers. Thank you for your patience.

If you are considering surrendering your Wheaten terrier and you need advice, please start by calling our Rescue team.  We understand that surrendering your Wheaten is an incredibly difficult decision. Sometimes life deals you events that make it impossible to provide the kind of home your Wheaten needs. We are here to help you and your Wheaten.

Please DO NOT list your Wheaten on Craigslist or any other buying site as these listings do not assure the best re-homing possible for your Wheaten and can often place them in dangerous if not lethal situations. SCWTCA Rescue’s mission is to find the safest, most loving home possible for Wheatens in need of help.

What to know about surrendering your Wheaten

If you purchased your Wheaten Terrier from a breeder, please review your purchase contract before surrendering to any rescue as you may be required to return your dog to your breeder.

What to provide when surrendering your Wheaten

  • Health Records
  • If your Wheaten is currently on medication for a health condition, we would want remaining medicines you might have.
  • A signed release form. This gives SCWTCA Rescue your permission to find a new home for your dog.
  • Completed Surrender Form
  • Your veterinarian’s name and number
  • Your groomer’s name and number
Transfer/Surrender Agreement

Dogs that Bite

SCWTCA Rescue does not take Wheatens that have bitten a human.  If an owner has a Wheaten that has bitten a human, they should immediately take the dog to their veterinarian and have them perform a complete physical examination of the dog including blood and urine work.  The vet will suggest the next course of action. Fostering or rehoming a dog who is a known biter is a liability that SCWTCA will not assume.

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Updated 12/03/2020