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Notice: Rescue re-opens with guidelines to respect COVID-19 concerns
SCWTCA is opening rescue with strong concern that COVID-19 is still rampant in many states. State to state travel is restricted by local governments in many cases. SCWTCA expects everyone to respect those regulations. Owners may be asked to meet at veterinary clinics to release their animals. Please expect COVID-19 related concerns to dictate some behaviors.  (04/10/2021)

Mission Statement

The mission of the SCWTCA Rescue Program is to assume the responsibility for the rescue, evaluation, rehabilitation and placement of pure bred Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers that have been relinquished by their owners, abandoned or found.

Statement of Purpose

The SCWTCA Rescue committee and regional Wheaten clubs have joined forces to build and maintain a constant network of national support, information and resources to aid Wheatens who are in need of being rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed. Our rescue program is funded by donations from adopting families, club members as well as fundraising endeavors.

SCWTCA Rescue provides a wide scope of services.  We have many volunteers in each state who provide foster care, transport and support. We work closely with our local Wheaten Clubs that provide their own rescue programs.

Here are a few of the services SCWTCA Rescue provides:

  • Rescues pure-bred Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers from shelters
  • Counsels owners who are having behavioral issues with their Wheaten
  • Receives Wheaten’s from owners who are no longer able to care for their dog
  • Provides transport for relinquished dogs
  • Provides foster care for relinquished dogs
  • Provides ongoing non-financial support for dogs that were placed through the rescue program

Where It All Started

This letter, dated November 28, 1979, was sent to Bryan & Gwynne McNamara, both then members of SCWTCA.  Bryan & Gwynne forwarded to the SCWTCA Board, who got involved in placing “Shelly”.  History was made as Shelly was the first purebred Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier that came to SCWTCA needing re-homed.  SCWTCA is grateful for Christa Weber, the manager at the shelter in which Shelly was surrendered, as Christa recognized Shelly was a Wheaten and worked hard to be sure she made it to a good situation. Shelly found her forever home with Julia Terrill Thomas, a philanthropist who would financially support the Humane Society of Glynn County in Brunswick GA years after her death.

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SCWTCA Rescue History Timeline

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Updated 06/21/2021