Specialty Sweeps Judge – Meet Patrice Chevalier

Patrice Chevalier – Heirloom Wheatens

Patrice had been a student of Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers prior to obtaining her first one in 1985.  She and her husband, Robert Bergman, adopted their first Wheaten, a Doc daughter, who achieved a Utility Dog (UD) obedience title. They then adopted a SCWT for conformation in 1991, and Patrice has been a conformation competitor ever since.  She has titled 30+ Champions from their home-bred litters.  The first Montgomery Kennel Club she and Bob attended was 1992 – only yesterday, right?  She and Robert have indulged her passion by attending Crufts, World Dog Shows in Finland and Portugal as well as dog shows in New Zealand, Finland, France and Sweden.   She has also competed in numerous additional dog sports: Rally, Agility, Tracking, Herding, CAT, FAST CAT and Barn Hunt. Patrice is a board member of Greater Denver Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club (GDSCWTC).  She is Show Chair for the club’s annual Specialties as well as Trial Chair for the club’s annual Agility Trials. Patrice is also a member of Rocky Mountain All Terrier Club and Longs Peak Dog Training Club and volunteers at these clubs’ events. Patrice has judged Sweeps at Northern CA, Southern CA at Palm Springs, St. Louis and Rocky Mountain All Terrier.  Patrice believes there is always something to be learned. Dogs have always been a passion and continue to play a large part in her life.  No nuance of the canine world is unimportant to her. She believes in continuing canine learning through reading, classes, seminars and studying.

Updated 08/07/2023