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This year we have four fundraisers – something to appeal to all Wheaten owners…

Wheaten Key Ring $20 without shippping:  Show your Wheaten pride everywhere you go with a metal Wheaten Terrier 2 1/8″ key ring from the SCWTCA Illustrated Standard, artwork by Jody Sylvester. Proudly made in Pennsylvania and makes the perfect small gift for anyone who loves Wheatens. For shipping outside the US and Canada contact Product specs: Aluminum 2 1/8″ key ring.

$20 each – without shipping (remember you can save shipping by picking up at the Boutique) Shipping: $25 US, $29 Canada Please contact for shipping outside these areas.

Seasonal Wheaten Outdoor Garden Flag $18 not including shipping

12” X 18” double sided Printed on 300D Polyester with finished 2.5 inch Sleeve (open both ends) with our Specialty Logo(s) to let everyone in the neighborhood know a “Wheaten Lives Here.” You can save shipping by picking up at the SCWTCA Boutique.  Contact for shipping outside US and Canada. $21 – $23 Shipped

Stainless Steel Crate Water Bucket – $35 without shipping.    

This high end Stainless Steel Water Buckets: Engraved with our Specialty logo for those thirsty dogs or perhaps a dog biscuit bowl.

The bucket alone weighs 13.25 oz.  It is 7 1/2 inches tall including the hooks.  The diameter is 6 1/4 for the bucket only or 7 3/4 if you include the handles.  Save shipping and pick up at the Boutique or have it shipped directly to you $35-$59.  Contact for shipping outside the US and Canada.

Updated 07/12/2023


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