Donors to the National Specialty Fund 2023

We want to take this opportunity to thank SCWTCA Members who donated directly to our SCWTCA National Specialty Fund.  They know how hard the Club works all year long to. put on a National Specialty that showcases our breeders and dogs. Many of these people no longer attend the Specialty or breed and show Wheaten Terriers but they continue to be a great part of our weekend. We thank them for their donations.

Baird, Kay
Braun, Marla
Burdge, Carol
Chapman, Betty
Diecidue, Robert  J
Ferris, Jeanne Pedersen
Folsom-St John, Sharon
Garrett, Carolyn
Goebel, Joan
Havely, Amy
Holden, Emily
Ivler, Barry & Bonnie
Jansen, Cindy
Johnson, Kathryn
Kaplan, Rubin
Kerby, Denise Cronin
Koehler, Connie
Lawrie, Rose (2 donations)
Leone, Louise
Little, Sue
Manning, Joanne
Mansfield, Nona
Marzolino, Anna
McDuffie, Joseph
McGee, Susan
Menser, Lana & Wolfram
Meyer, Cindy
Miller, Karyn
O’Sullivan, Neil
Palazzo, Regina
Pierson, Kristin
Ryan, Meg
Shoemaker, Marjorie
Snow, Maggie
Stone, Suzanne
Turner , Cheryl
Van Ness, Jan
Way, Candy
Wirth, Dennis & Bonnie

Updated 09/19/2023