Results: SCWTCA National Specialty Sweeps • 10/8

SCWTCA members Pat Robeski graciously volunteered to report results for SCWTCA National Specialty Sweeps. If you have questions or corrections, please email them to

10/08/2022 · SCWTCA National Specialty Sweeps

SCWTCA National Specialty Sweeps – Macungie PA
– Sweeps, Dana Barton • 12-22


… Wheatnbrook’s Against All Odds (d)(6-9)
… Star Cooper Dancin On A Barrel CGC (d)(9-12)
… Bryr Rose For Pete’s Sake! (d)(12-15)
… Westwhind Midnight Wind (d)(15-18)
… Keepsake’s Fashion Icon (b)(6-9)
… Anamcara’s Luna Lovegood (b)(9-12)
… O’Mannion’s Enchanting Moonlight Mile (b)(12-15)
… Orla Geragold Heather On The Moor (b)(15-18)
Best in Sweeps
Bryr Rose For Pete’s Sake! (d)(12-15)
BOS Sweeps
O’Mannion’s Enchanting Moonlight Mile (b)(12-15)

Ringside Reporter: Pat Robeski (Sweeps) 
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