The Poop Scoop

Be Responsible!


Poop ScoopEveryone who owns a dog or is responsible for one, either at the show site or at the hotel is responsible for cleaning up after their dog.

  • Dog waste contaminates the ground and could spread disease. Cleaning up immediately helps to stop that threat.
  • It also makes us better clients and in turn makes the management of the hotel and of the show sites more inclined to invite us back. We are privileged to be in such a fine facility. Don’t be the one who is above the rules and causes hard feelings.
  • Be responsible! SCWTCA has designated all venues, including the Hotel as part of the Show Site, and SCWTCA can and will hold a bench show hearing, which can result in an AKC suspension and fine.
  • We do not want to recruit club members to act as police trying to catch you doing the wrong thing.
  • Do the right thing every time and we will all benefit!

NOTE:   If staying at the host hotel, see SCWTCA Hotel Responsibilities.

Updated 08/01/2022