SCWTCA Hotel & Hotel Responsibilities

SCWTCA’s host hotel for the 2022 year is:

300 Gateway Drive, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18017-9076 United States


These rules are outlined by the SCWTCA Board of Directors. The event headquarters is an official part of an AKC Event. Any infringement of these rules or improper conduct can result in an Event Committee Hearing and loss of AKC privileges.

  • Use extreme care when moving dogs and equipment. Damage of any kind is unacceptable and your responsibility.
  • Respect for hotel property and staff will be shown at all times.
  • Exercise your dogs only in the designated exercise areas on the hotel property and be mindful of where your dog lifts its leg. It should not be on shrubbery or hotel walls.
  • Owners will immediately clean up after their own dogs. Supplies for cleanup are provided by the grounds committee. If you see that others have not cleaned up, pitch in and clean up. Containers will be at each end of the hall. Use the materials provided!
  • Dogs must be crated when left unattended in the room. Repeated or continual barking of dogs in rooms will not be allowed. Place a piece of plastic underneath dog crates if you travel with metal crates.
  • Monitor dogs carefully when in the public areas inside and outside of the hotel. Do not loiter in the hallways or lobby with dogs. Congregate with your dogs in the designated exercise areas.
  • NO hotel towels may be used to bathe dogs. If you plan to bathe dogs, bring your own towels. Bring sheets to cover hotel beds and furniture. Do not plan to trim dogs in hotel rooms unless you bring a sheet to cover the floor and a dust buster to clean up the hair.
  • Any damages caused to rooms will be the financial responsibility of the individuals who occupied that room.
  • PLEASE NOTE: No dogs allowed in bar/restaurant area or pool area.

Updated 06/22/2022