Feeding Your Wheaten

There are as many answers to what to feed your Wheaten as there are different dog foods.  SCWTCA does not recommend any specific dog food or feeding method.

We do want to explode a couple of myths:

Myth #1 – Wheatens must be fed a special diet to avoid PLE or PLN.

  • There is no specific diet that will avoid your dog getting one of these diseases.  Dogs who are diagnosed with these…or another illnesses… may be prescribed a specific diet by their veterinarian.

Myth #2 – Wheatens are allergic to certain foods and ingredients.

  • Just because your dog is a Wheaten does not mean he is allergic to or has an intolerance for certain ingredients such as chicken or grains.  Individual dogs of any breed can have an allergy or intolerance for any one of the many ingredients that are in dog foods.

As with anything concerning your dog’s health, SCWTCA encourages you to consult your breeder and your veterinarian.

More resources on canine nutrition can be found on in our Health Resources.


Updated 06/27/2021