Ringside Mentors:

SCWT Breed Mentors

The following list represents a compilation of SCWTCA members who have met the requirements to serve the American Kennel Club as breed mentors. The AKC has stringent criteria for all of those applying to judge its approved breeds. One of the paths to meeting these criteria is through mentorship, which may take the form of ringside mentoring at shows with a large entry; e.g., national specialties. Provisional judges and those interested in applying to judge Wheaten Terriers are asked to contact the SCWTCA Judges’ Education Chair, Cindy Vogels (judgesed@scwtca.org) in order to obtain a breed mentor.

Ringside Mentor List

State Name Telephone. Email
CO Cindy Vogels (Judges Education Chair) 505-660-8080 judgesed@scwtca.org
OH Dana Barton 937-902-6299 jendu7177@gmail.com
AL Shari Boyd 508-735-0268 aransb1225@gmail.com
AZ Christine Erickson 480-892-4115 Chris.erickson@cox.net
MD Cherie Fogarty Turner 410-923-1247 frolic@verizon.net
FL Helen Fraguela 954-752-2923 fraguela@aol.com
NJ Sue Goldberg 908-963-6808 brandongroup19@gmail.com
FL Sue Goldberg (Dec-Mar) 908-963-6808 brandongroup19@gmail.com
PA Emily Holden 717-350-8443 amadenscwt@gmail.com
WI Monica Kipp 262-893-2922 milmear@wi.rr.com
CA Ann Leigh 760-772-6270 annleigh35157@gmail.com
NE Lisa Lopez 308-520-2852 rosheenwheatens@allophone.com
NJ Pam Mandeville 732-846-5866 bannerwheatens1980@gmail.com
IL Cindy Meyer 815-332-4848 bckennel@aol.com
IL Gwen Meyer 608-207-5023 reyemwheatens@meyerspetcare.com
IL Kent Meyer 608-378-6197 reyemwheatens@meyerspetcare.com
NC Karen Mueller 828-891-9681 Keith.mueller@sbcglobal.net
CA Pat Mullin 650-489-4048 pat@lochlinear.com
DC Guillermo Rueda 202-986-1680 willie@trebol.net
CA Cecily Skinner 949-888-1619 tarascwt@aol.com
NY Sally Sotirovich 516-509-6568 mclarenscw@aol.com
CA Bonney Snyder 310-710-8408 bonwheat@aol.com
CA Richard Urquhart 707-249-5838 marqueewheatens@gmail.com
MA Deborah Van De Ven 702-308-9542 deb@bradberrywheatens.com
PA Gary Vlachos (Judges Education Committee) 412-973-7675 gary741@me.com
CO Cindy Vogels (Judges Education Committee) 303-589-8395 cgvogels@gmail.com
WA Jeri Voyles 253-861-7988 cgvogels@gmail.com
PA Candy Way 610-869-3984 bantrybay@aol.com

Updated 05/09/2024