Identify a Quality Breeder

What a quality breeder does……

  • Does not breed mixed breed dogs.
  • Only breeds dogs eligible for AKC registration.
  • Sells directly to you and will not allow for resale through a third party.
  • Does not upsell the breed. A breeder wants to ensure you know the positive and challenges of owning a Wheaten Terrier to ensure that the placement will benefit you, your family, the puppy and the breeder.
  • Asks you many questions about your life and how the dog will be cared for.
  • Is happy to show you the mother of the litter or her photograph. Most sire and dams are already listed in the database at
  • Breeds only the best dogs.  Championed dogs or offspring of championed dogs have clearances that ensure that your puppy will be structurally sound. Remember you want a puppy that can move freely and does not have structural issues that prevent it from leading a normal life.
  • Has their breeding stock certified clear of hip dysplasia prior to breeding on sire and dam. Verifiable on the database at
  • Has completed the PLN Variant DNA gene test on the sire and dam or each puppy in the litter and can provide copies of the test results.
  • Sire and dam has CAER/OFA eye certification within the last two years. Verifiable on the database at
  • Does not claim their stock is clear for PLE. There is no PLE genetic DNA test.
  • Provides a contract that equally protects the puppy, the owner and the breeder.
  • Breeds in accordance with the SCWTCA Code of Ethics.

Remember there are no excuses for not having current health clearances on breeding stock. We highly recommend that you go to the Health and Pedigree Database to obtain health clearances and research pedigrees.
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A quality puppy is worth the wait!

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Updated 02/20/2024