Holiday Puppies

Remember … puppies are for life, not just for Christmas!

Are you are considering the gift of a Wheaten puppy this Christmas?  Please consider waiting until the hectic holidays are over and life has settled down. Don’t subject a baby puppy to the insanity of the season. Instead, if your heart’s desire is to give someone a puppy, present them with a gift that will symbolize the puppy instead….You could wrap dog toys or supplies such as a brush, a food bowl, or a book about the breed.  Several good books about Wheaten Terriers are available; how about a subscription to our quarterly publication, Benchmarks?  You will find a few gift items right here on our website under Shop.

When you start your search for your Wheaten puppy look no further than the SCWTCA Breeders List. Remember to expand your search to several states, be prepared to wait and be patient. A Wheaten puppy from a good breeder that abides by the SCWTCA Code of Ethics is worth the wait.

A quality puppy is worth the wait!

To find a reputable breeder in your area, visit our Breeders List.
You can search by state, first name, last name, or kennel name.
Visit the Breeders List

Updated 02/16/2022