Dr David R Lincicome Memorial Trophy


Owner of the Wheaten dog that wins the Bred-By Exhibitor Dog Class at the SCWTCA National Specialty held each October in conjunction with the Montgomery County Kennel Club show.

Year Winner Owner(s)
2011 Aran Walks On Water Shari Boyd Carusi
2012 Aran Midnight In Paris Shari Boyd Carusi
2013 Whindancer Tied Together With A Smile Susan Ratliffe, Art Miller, Evelyn Van Arsdale
2014 Tyrone’s Revolutionary Road Lana Campbell, John Slack
2015 Birchbark Bonnie Super Yooper Abby & Tom Kahn, Bonita Snyder
2016 O’Mannion’s Shattered Joanne & Terry Manning
2017 Trinity’s Par Ti Fairy Tale Michelle & Raymond Serafin, Nancy Pedersen
2018 Frolic’s It Was Up To Stiehl Cherie Turner, Emily Skoglund
2019 Adako Built For The Wild Brittany Phelps
2021 Whindancer’s Born To Run Susan Ratliffe, Art Miller
2022 Adako I Apologize For Absolutely Nothing Brittany Phelps, Samuel Z Sccience
2023 Pinehome’s Clear Sailing Peggy Gale