Jan Lincheid Fellowship Award – RETIRED



Presented when deemed appropriate (not more often than once per year) to a member of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America, Inc. (SCWTCA) who has made an extraordinary contribution to the club and to the breed and who epitomizes the outstanding human qualities of Jan Linscheid.

Past Winners

Year Winner
1983 Gay Sherman Dunlap
1985 Virginia Potter & Jackie Gottlieb
1988 Carol Carlson
1993 Linda Nelson
1995 Sue Poulin
2001 Diane Lunde
2002 Janet Petros
2004 Ronnie Copeland
2005 Nancy Butler
2007 Bonnie O’Connor
2008 Elaine Azerolo
2009 Roni Andrews
2011 Rosemary Berg
2012 Genie Kline
2013 Jinx Moore
2014 Molly O’Connell
2015 Betsy Geertson
2017 Helen Fraguela
2018 Cindy Shea
2019 Dorice Stancher