Everett Keller “Ballyhoo” Trophy


Breeder of Winners Bitch at the SCWTCA National Specialty held each October in conjunction with the Montgomery County Kennel Club show.

Past Winners

Year Winner Breeder(s)
1994 Doubloon’s Ris N Shine Elena Landa
1995 Ivywild’s Star Billing Bob and Genie Kline
1996 Mansura Andover True Colors Jackie Gottlieb and Kathy Clarke
1997 Brenmoor’s Toest To Edgewood Carl McGill, Bill Behan and Gary Vlachos
1998 Lakeshore’s Brooklyn Bridge Guy and Sue Lima
1999 Frolic Pocket Full of Dreams Cherie Turner Fogarty and Marjorie Shoemaker
2000 Lunavale’s Tigress In Spring Roni and Jim Andrews
2001 Doubloon’s Playing The Field Elena Landa
2002 Waveryglen’s Kiss Me Kate Janice Cunningham, William Cunningham and Shari Robinson
2003 Bendacht Singular Sensation Michael De Carlo & Rosemary Klime
2004 Lechaun’s Just A Whisper Hank and Dana Loring
2005 Edgewood Bugaboo Bamboo Carl McGill
2006 Shar-D’s Eire Regan O’Ruru Dee Boyd and Kathy Alvarez
2007 Kennally Foolin Ruadh Fran Talbot, Susan Skaith and Kenna Kachel
2008 Keepsake Lasting Image Shari Robinson and Doug Mylcraine
2009 Jendu Forever Free Dana Frady
2010 Baroque You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet Christy Weagant
2011 Star Livin A Dream Denise Daniel
2012 Serendipity’s Urban Legend Ferol Stanford
2013 Keepsake’s Soul Surfer Shari Robinson, Sydney Robinson and Linda Thompson
2014 Star’s Just Sayin’ Denise Daniel
2015 Bryr Rose Written In The Stars Carolyn Garrett
2016 Star Shut Up and Dance Denise Daniel
2017 Star Neet Denise Daniel
2018 Keepsake’s Seniorita Margarita Shari & Sydney Robinson, Priscilla Tims
2019 Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong Denise Daniel
2021 Whindancer Comes and Goes In Waves Susan Ratliffe, Art Miller & Abby Kochan
2022. Star Eye Candy Denise Daniel

2016:  Retired by Denise Daniel

Year Name Breeder(s)
2011 Star Livin A Dream Denise Daniel
2014 Star’s Just Sayin Denise Daniel
2016 Star Shut Up and Dance Denise Daniel

Updated 10/18/2022