CH Abby’s Postage Dhu O’Waterford “Casey” Award


Wheaten that has defeated the most Wheatens by winning Best of Breed during the show calendar year, as verified through American Kennel Club Awards. The Best of Breed (BOB) winner gets points for the number of Wheatens in competition minus one (itself). For example, if 10 Wheatens are entered and shown, the Best of Breed winner receives nine points for winning BOB. If the BOB winner is the only Wheaten shown, no points are received.

Awarded only in those years when the owner or one of the co-owners of the qualifying Wheaten is a member of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America, Inc. (SCWTCA). If the winner’s owner or co-owner are not members of the SCWTCA, the award is not given.

Year Name # Dogs Defeated
1988 CH Andover Song N Dance Man 1629
1989 CH Andover Song N Dance Man ROM 1749
1990 CH Harbor Hill Fire Starter 694
1991 CH Doubloon’s Master of Illusion 1541
1992 CH Doubloon’s Master of Illusion 1119
1993 CH Shar-D’s Let The Games Begin 1023
1994 CH Doubloon’s Expresso 951
1995 CH Paisley After Midnight 871
1996 CH Paisley Midnight Sun 868
1998 CH Kaylynn’s August Moon 1292
1999 CH Kaylynn’s August Moon 1051
2000 CH Brenmoor’s Shampoo 962
2001 CH Acacia’s Moonshine 868
2002 CH Doubloon’s Playing The Field 563
2003 CH Doubloon’s Playing The Field 864
2004 CH Ellora Bastion 926
2005 CH Caraway Celebrate Life 1096
2006 CH Caraway Celebrate Life 1208
2007 CH Lovesong’s Dance To The Beat 946
2008 CH Doubloon’s Ultimate Player 966
2009 CH Doubloon’s Ultimate Player 1169
2010 GCH Gleanngay Legend Of The Grail 805
2011 GCH Gleanngay Legend Of The Grail 661
2012 GCH Doubloon’s Extreme Play 567
2013 GCH Doubloon’s Extreme Play 792
2014 GCH Doubloon’s Extreme Play 554
2015 GCH Bryr Rose Matisse 880
2016 GCHG Bryr Rose Matisse 1012
2017 GCHP Bryr Rose Matisse 810
2018 GCHS J’Adores Stanley Cup Toews At Raelyn 681
2019 GCHS Doubloon’s Extreme Gamer 734
2020 GCHG Doubloon’s Extreme Gamer BCAT 484
2021 GCHB Doubloon’s Extreme Gamer BCAT 756
2022 GCHP Adako Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 668