Brenmoor Bred By Challenge Award

The purpose is to draw attention to and to reward the most important component in our sport, THE BREEDER! It is intended that this award will bring a renewed interest and competitiveness to this most important class.


To be awarded to the Breeder/s of Record who is a/are member(s) of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America, Inc. (SCWTCA) in good standing at the time of the win and who accumulate(s) the most points from the Bred-By Exhibitor class (dogs and bitches) over the National Specialty Weekend or the Roving National Specialty Weekend, under the following criteria:

  • Eligible shows will be the two shows before and including the national if it is held on the Sunday of the weekend. If the national is on a Saturday, the show before and following the national will be included. If the national is on a Friday, the two shows following will be included in the tally.
  • Points will be awarded to the Breeder/s of Record of the winners in the Bred-By Exhibitor class (dogs and bitches) in the following manner:
    •  1st place – 4 points
    • 2nd place – 3 points
    • 3rd place – 2 points
    • 4th place – 1 point
  • If a Bred-By Exhibitor Group is offered that day, additional points will be awarded in the same fashion as the classes.
  • The highest total for the three days wins the award. In the case of a tie, additional weight of 1 point will be given to the higher average placement of the dog/bitch.
Year Breeder Show Weekend
2010 Christy Weagant National Specialty/MCKC
2011 Jeanne Ferris National Specialty/MCKC
2012 Jim & Tami Herzog Roving National/Great Western
2012 Richard & Sonya Urquhart National Specialty/MCKC
2013 John & Penny Rogers National Specialty/MCKC
2014 Jeanine Flavell & Susan Sakauye Roving National/Great Western
2014 Lana Campbell & Beth Verner National Specialty/MCKC
2015 Richard & Camille Taylor & Pat Mullin National Specialty/MCKC
2016 Richard Urquhart Roving National/Sacramento
2016 Joanne Manning National Specialty/MCKC
2017 Shelly & Raymond Serafin & Bev & Kevin McDonald National Specialty/MCKC
2018 Susan Ratliffe Roving National/Tampa Bay
2018 Catherine Pikul & Meg Ryan National Specialty/MCKC
2019 Betsy Geertson & Willie Rueda National Specialty/MCKC
2020 Gay Dunlap, Jon Caliri & Robert Green Roving National/Great Western
2022 Patrice Chevalier & Robert Bergman Roving/St Louis
2022 Susan Ratliff National Specialty/MCKC