National & Roving Specialty Judges

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America National Specialty is held each October in conjunction with the Montgomery County Kennel Club, an All Terrier Dog Show.  Puppy Sweepstakes and occasionally Veteran Sweepstakes are also offered.

SCWTCA also sponsors a Roving National Specialty in even-numbered years.  Sanctioned Local/Regional Wheaten Clubs, Terrier Group Clubs, and/or All Breed Clubs can request to host a Roving National Specialty, therefore the location and time of year change each time. Puppy Sweepstakes and occasionally Veteran Sweepstakes are generally offered.

Members of SCWTCA with voting rights nominate and vote for the individual who will judge Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers at the National Specialty and National Roving Specialty.  Judges for the the associated Sweepstakes are selected in the same way.

*NOTE: The first sanctioned SCWTCA National Specialty was held in 1975
Year Breed Judge Puppy Sweeps Judge
1973 John Hillman – none –
1974 Dr Josephine Deubler – none –
1975* Richard Monnich Robert Jacques
1976 Anne Rogers Clark Mary Nelson Stephenson
1977 Robert Moore John Sheehan
1978 Annemarie Moore Dan Shoemaker
1979 Lydia Hutchinson Dan Kiedrowski
1980 John Marvin Gay Sherman (Dunlap)
1981 Doris Wear Jackie Gottlieb
1982 Richard Hensel Edward McPharlan
1983 Maxine Beam Emily Holden
1984 Lou Auslander Alice Papaliolios
1985 Barbara Keenan Marjorie Shoemaker
1986 Ken McDermott Bev Trapani (McDonald)
1987 Jane Forsyth Helen Moreland
1988 Roger Hartinger Gwynne McNamara
1989 Anne Rogers Clark Gary Vlachos
1990 Ric Chashoudian Jo Hanton
1991 Annemarie Moore Diane Lunde
1992 Mareth Kipp Candy Way
1993 Phyllis Haage (dogs + BOB)
Gay Dunlap (bitches)
Penny Belviso & Cindy Meyer
1994 Sandra Good Allen Janet Dalton
1995 Gwynne McNamara Marjorie Shoemaker
1996 Anne Rogers Clark Audie Howe
1997 Michelle Billings Bill Nelson
1998 Cindy Vogels Emily Holden
1999 Lydia Hutchinson Kathy McIndoe
2000 Ed Dalton Helen Moreland
2001 Gary Vlachos Ilze Barron
2002 Candy Way Genie Kline
2003 Cindy Meyer Elaine Azerolo
2004 Gay Dunlap Bonney Snyder
2005 Cindy Vogels Sue Little
2006 Jon Cole Pam Donahue
2007 Edd Bivin Nancy Butler
2008 Margaret Moeller-Sieber Kathy Clarke
2009 Patricia Trotter Cecily Skinner
2010 Sue Goldberg Dana Frady
2011 Gary Vlachos Emily Holden
2012 Ken Kauffman Molly O’Connell
Barbara Miller – Veterans
2013 Sally George Karen Mueller
2014 Richard Urquhart Bev McDonald
2015 Candy Way Pam Mandeville
2016 Anne Katona Maripi Wooldridge
2017 Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine Jinx Moore
2018 Cindy Vogels Denise Daniel
2019 Shari Boyd Kent Meyer
2020 2020 Nat’l Specialty was cancelled due to COVID-19
** Judges would have been: Clay Coady (breed) / Gwen Meyer (sweeps)
2021 Candy Way Willie Rueda
2022 Gary Vlachos Dana Barton
2023 Gwen Meyer Patrice Chevalier
2024 Kathy Clarke Lisa Lopez
Year Location Breed Judge Sweeps Judge
1976 Denver Thelma Brown – none –
1977 Chicago Stephen Shaw Dennis Barnes
1978 Southern California Derek Rayne CL Savage
1980 Minnesota Thomas Gately Lorry Brownell
1981 Northern California Nick Calicura Sherry Yanow
1982 Chicago Mrs. Tom Stevenson Maureen Holmes
1983 Denver Jim Reynolds Nona Harwell
1984 South Carolina Lydia Hutchinson Joy Laylon
1985 Southern California Ric Chashoudian Dan Kiedrowski
1986 Northern California Jon Cole Wilma Carter
1987 Chicago Edd Bivin Janet Turner (Dalton) – Futurity
1988 Denver Donna Dale Renee Kotaki, Jacki Luckenbaugh, & Dora Lee Wilson – Futurity
1989 Connecticut Stephen Shaw Penny Belviso – Futurity
1990 Milwaukee Gay Sherman (Dunlap) Barbara Shulenburg – Futurity
1991 Southern California Robert Condon Bob LaRouech – Futurity
1992 Louisville Edd Bivin Bill Nelson – Futurity
1994 Denver David Merriam – none –
1996 Milwaukee Nolan Dale – none –
1998 Southern California Gay Dunlap – none –
2000 Denver Audie Howe Wayne Harmon
2002 Arizona Sandra Goose Allen Nancy Stalnaker
2004 Southern California Sue Goldberg Bev McDonald
2006 Southern California Peggy Beisel McIlwaine Ann Leigh
2008 Northern California Gwynne McNamara Pam Mandeville
2010 Southern California Peggy Beisel-McIllwaine Willie Rueda
2012 Southern California Karin Bergbom Jon Caliri
Bill Behan – Veteran
2014 Southern California Gay Dunlap Genie Kline
2016 Northern California Sue Goldberg Kathy McIndoe
2018 Tampa Bay Kathy Clarke Bonney Snyder
2020 Southern California Christine Erickson Molly O’Connell
2022 St Louis Bergit Coady-Kabel Susan Ratliffe
2024 Denver Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine Cherie Turner
2026 —TBD—
2028 —TBD—

Updated 10/13/2021