Kindergarten Puppy Training Video
2-Hour VHS or DVD

This puppy training tape covers most of what we teach at Manners N More Dog Training School. It is a 7-week session in which we teach some basic obedience exercises. These include a sit/down/stand first on a hand signal and then a verbal command, coming when called, walking on a loose lead. We also teach many "manners" techniques such as, no biting, no barking, no jumping, door training and grooming/handling techniques. We are motivational/food trainers and the techniques are explained in the video.

This tape was not professionally videotaped, but is certainly watchable. Best of all, it stars Wheaten puppies – Bronx, Fancy & Cali. They are joined by Tina the Poodle, Tinker the Parson's Russell, and two Argentine Dogos named Yala & Quito. Human Friends are Carol Crouch, Betsy Geertson, Amanda Jones, and Libby Sprankle

Puppy Sit!
  • Introduction
  • Philosophy
  • Praise Word
  • Sit / Down / Stand
  • Security / Dominance Hold
  • Dominance Down
  • Handling
  • Teaching Name
  • Chewing / Biting
  • Snatch and Run
  • Door training
  • No Jumping
  • Come / Follow
  • Settle
  • Recalls (coming when called)
       – Hide
       – Chase
       – Controlled come with distractions
  • Avoidance
  • Walk on a loose leash
  • Leave it
  • Toenails/Grooming
  • Door Training
  • Show Stacking

Pricing & Ordering

Cost in US is $24 for VHS and $29 for DVD, which includes postage. If ordering 5 or more videos, cost is $15.00 for VHS and $20 for DVD. Postage is $10.00. For ordering information or orders outside the US, please contact Betsy Geertson at

Video can be ordered online via PayPal at Manners 'N More Dog Training School.

A portion of the profits from this tape are being donated to Wheaten Health in memory of Celt. Celt died of PLN/PLE on January 12, 2001. Celt is missed by all who knew him.


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