• Only unretouched photos are accepted.
  • Emailed images should be no larger than 550 pixels wide.
  • Information required:
    • 4-generation pedigree (including titles) — legible, accurate and correct.
      Please research your pedigrees. SCWTCA is not responsible for inaccuracies.
    • Dog's registered name
    • Dog's call name
    • AKC Registration #
    • Date of birth
    • Indicate if frozen semen is available
    • Name(s) of breeders
    • Name(s) of owners
    • Name, address, phone and email for contact person who must be a member of SCWTCA and an owner or co-owner of the dog

Send photo, pedigree, details, and/or questions to:  

All dogs entered on the Stud Register will remain to serve as a pictorial history of our stud dogs. If an owner wishes to withdraw a dog from use, please contact and request a notation be added to indicate the dog is no longer available.



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