SCWTCA Rescue operations/efforts have been suspended due to the COVID-19 Crisis

Statement of Purpose
The purposes of the SCWTCA, Inc. Rescue committee are to provide for the rescue of Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers in areas of the country where there is no local Wheaten club rescue service, to financially assist local club rescue efforts, and to provide rescue liaison with other clubs and organizations.
  1. The SCWTCA, Inc. will provide rescue service for purebred Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers whose breeder is unknown or unable to help. The club maintains that BREEDERS MUST BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL DOGS BRED THROUGHOUT THEIR LIFETIME.
  2. The Rescue Committee will not purchase dogs. No individual member of the club may profit from the placement of a rescue dog.
  3. The rescue committee will accept dogs only with a transfer agreement signed by the current owner or his agent, and the authorization of the Committee Chairman or a Board Member.
  4. Dogs who are known, repeated biters will not be accepted into the Rescue program since they cannot be placed.
  5. Before placement all dogs must complete foster home evaluation as described in Rescue Procedure.
  6. The SCWTCA, Inc. assumes no liability for rescue operations, except as required by law. Those who perform rescue services for the SCWTCA, Inc. do so at their own risk.
  7. Only the Rescue Committee may use forms with the SCWTCA, Inc. letterhead. Local clubs or non-members may not use them. The Rescue Committee may supply clubs and nonmembers with copies of the forms with no letterheads.
  8. The Rescue Committee chairman or a Board member may provide SCWTCA, Inc. financial assistance up to $300 for local Wheaten club rescues.
  9. The Rescue Committee may assist club members with placement referral for adoptable older dogs. No liability will be assumed by the SCWTCA, Inc. Rescue Committee paperwork will not be used in these cases. Placement and responsibility lie with the breeder. These dogs must be spayed/neutered before placement. A donation may be requested from the breeder for successful placements.
  10. At the discretion of the Committee Chairman or a Board member, SCWTCA, Inc. Rescue may provide other services like temporary boarding or medical care for dogs in distress.
  11. No monies may be collected or expended without the approval of the Committee Chairman or a Board member. The Treasurer of the SCWTCA, Inc. will be responsible for the Rescue Fund.
  12. The Rescue Committee Chairman will provide a rescue report to the Board at each meeting, publish articles and information on rescue in club publications, coordinate policies and exchange information with committee members and local clubs.
  13. To avoid the perception of a conflict of interest, while an individual serves as the SCWTCA, Rescue Chairman, she/he will not be involved in any Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Rescue or Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier rescue fundraising activities other than those authorized by the SCWTCA, Inc. for its rescue program.
  14. The Board of the SCWTCA reserves the right to review all rescue decisions.
  15. The Rescue Chairman will maintain a file of all completed rescue documents and will send a second copy to the Recording Secretary for the club?s permanent files.

Adopted 4/95. Revised 6/97. Revised 2/98.

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