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Owner's Manual Grooming Guides Illustrated Standard Super Saver Yearbooks
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Owner's Manual Owner's Manual

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Owner's Manual contains everything you ever wanted to know about the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. A brief breed history starts out the manual, followed by chapters on temperament, and how to care for a puppy and an adult Wheaten. Information on routine maintenance and grooming takes up a large part of the manual. Also included are brief chapters on showing your Wheaten and breeding and the SCWTCA Code of Ethics.
– Copyright 1994. Revised 2002, 2012.

US Shipping $15
Canada $17
Outside US-Canada $20

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Grooming Chart Grooming Guides

  • Grooming Chart
    ... Partial view of Grooming Chart shown
    The grooming chart is a 23"x26" chart describing grooming for the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Drawings of correct and incorrect grooming are displayed along with brief explanations of how to achieve the "Wheaten look". Most all of the same drawings and information is contained in the Owner's Manual. The grooming chart is a good idea for placing on the wall in your grooming area for easy reference.   Copyright 1977. Revised 2005.
  • Pet Grooming Pamphlet
    The Pet Grooming Pamphlet is a 5-page single-sided document that discusses and illustrates basic trim and grooming techniques for the companion dog with notes on show trimming a Wheaten. Routine care is also well documented in this pamphlet.   May be reproduced.


US / Canada Shipping • Grooming Chart $ 7
• Pet Grooming Pamphlet $ 7
Outside US-Canada • Grooming Chart $ 9
• Pet Grooming Pamphlet $ 9

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Owner's Manual Illustrated Standard

The Illustrated Standard is the ultimate tool for understanding the breed. Beautiful illustrations and clear explanations demonstrate the ideal Wheaten as d efined in the AKC Breed Standard. The essence of type is discussed along with size, proportion, substance, and all other aspects of the breed standard. You don't have to be a judge or a breeder to find this useful and informative. A must-have for your library!   Copyright 1992.

US Shipping $20
Canada $24
Outside US-Canada $27

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Super Saver Pak

1 Owner's Manual,   1 Illustrated Standard, 1 Grooming Chart,  &  1 Pet Grooming Pamphlet

US Shipping $40
Canada $45
Outside US-Canada $48

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Yearbooks 1988 – 2016

The Yearbook includes each year's Conformation Champions, Local and National Specialty results, Performance Titles, Top Ten Rankings, SCWTCA Award Winners, ROMs, and more. A great breeder tool as well as a nostalgic remembrance of a proud accomplishment.

Available in the Boutique

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The Buyer's Guide for Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers


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