Canine Phenome Project Wheaten DNA Bank
Animal Molecular Genetics Laboratory
University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine

The purpose of the Canine Phenome Project is to establish a DNA bank with supporting data for use by researchers to identify the genes responsible for canine diseases and other characteristics. For Wheaten owners, it is an opportunity to store DNA from Wheatens for future use by researchers interested in finding the genetic cause of PLE, PLN, RD, Addison's, and/or other diseases.

How It Works

The Canine Phenome Project is a genetic research project. It receives blood samples, extracts the DNA, and stores it for use in approved research. It also collects information about the individual dog contributing the DNA. Online survey forms are completed by the owner to record health and other information. The owner may update information at any time. Data on each individual dog is kept confidential unless the owner authorizes access.

How to Participate
  1. Enroll your dog online:
    • Go to
    • Select Enroll Your Dog.
    • Select Sign Up Here.
    • Enter your contact information including an email address. An individual password will be emailed to you immediately.
    • Login using the password sent to you.
    • Select Enroll a New Dog.
    • Complete the Identification information for your dog.
      AKC number and name, call name, sex, date of birth, microchip and/or tattoo number, name and AKC number of sire and dam
    • Select Submit DNA Sample on dog's profile page which appears next.
    • Print and sign the resulting DNA Submission Form to mail with the blood sample.
  2. Submit a blood sample, signed DNA Submission Form from #1 above, and a check for $40 $20** payable to the University of Missouri. Detailed instructions for collecting and shipping the sample are listed on the DNA Submission Form.
    **The SCWTCA Endowment will pay $20 of the $40 fee for each of the first 1000 Wheatens sending samples to the project. Thank you to the Endowment Board for this significant contribution to the success of this project.
  3. Complete additional information about your dog online by selecting Surveys at This may be done before or after the blood sample is sent. It is very important that this information is entered in your dog's records. The General Health Survey is ready to be completed now. At a later date, a Wheaten Specific Health Survey and Wheaten Characteristics and Behavior Traits Survey will be added. Update your dog's records as needed.
For More Information
SCWTCA Elaine Azerolo (636) 377-2053
Canine Phenome Project
     SCWT DNA Bank
Liz Hansen (573) 884-3712



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