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  • I will see that my dog has water in its bowl at all times.
  • I will not wake my dog if it is taking a nap.
  • I will hug and pat my dog when it does something right.
  • I will not try to step on my dog if it gets in my way. If I do, I will comfort my dog until it forgives me for my mistake.
  • I will keep all my shoes in my closet, so my dog doesn't get in trouble for chewing on them. My dog won't know the difference between toys and my things until it is bigger.
  • I will make sure that my friends are kind to my dog. I will teach my friends the rules of our house for playing with my dog.
  • I will read the dog training book when I am able, so I know how to properly train my dog.
  • I will be a responsible dog owner and learn as much as I can about the right way to care for a dog.
  • I will understand that my dog doesn't know anything until it is taught what it should know.
  • I will love my dog forever.
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