Benchmarks – December 2014 Benchmarks

Meet the New Board Members   •  New SCWTCA Members   •  The Devil’s Advocate   •  Test Your Wheaten IQ / Breeder-Judge Perspective   •  New DNA Test Available   •  Keys to Top Breeding   •  Greater Milwaukee Specialty Report   •  Montgomery Weekend Recap   •  SCWTCA Annual Award Recognition   •  SCWTCA Sweeps Report   •  SCWTCA National Specialty Report

Health News

Health News – Summer 2013

Update on DNA Marker Testing  •  Prevalence Of Variant Alleles Associated With PLN  •  Treatment of Urinary Incontinence  •  Oxidative Stress in Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia  •  Canine Osteosarcoma & IBD Advance Treatment Options  •  Clinical Trial for IBD Seeks Participants  •  Diagnosing Pancreatitis Before It’s Too Late  •  Acute Kidney Injury  •  Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis  •  2012 Protocol for Minimal Use of Vaccines  • 


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