Benchmarks – September 2017 Benchmarks

Rosemary Berg, In Memoriam  •  Make a Lasting Impression of Your Specialty  •  Meet The Breeds at the World Dog Expo  •  Working Toward a Better Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier  •  Survey Says...About Judges Education  •  Test Your Wheaten IQ...Bones  •  Long-Term Health Risks & Benefits Associated with Spay/Neuter  •  Wheaten Health News (WHN): Update on Hemangiosarcoma, Rabies Challenge Fund, & H3N2 Canine Influenza Virus  •  Degenerative Myelopathy and our Wheatens  •  The Devil’s Advocate  •  Del Val SCWTC Specialty  •  SCWTC Greater St. Louis Specialty  •  SCWTC Southern California Specialties  • 


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